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The core technology behind the PAL family of products has been developed and refined over a number of years using both patient groups and unimpaired subjects. One of the key drivers for our clinical colleagues was that, although they could easily measure in the laboratory the walking skills and exercise tolerance of their patients, this told them little about what activities they actually did when they were at home or work. Self-report diaries have been shown to be unreliable so simple and unobtrusive technologies were developed to accurately describe posture allocation and free-living activity.

Our expertise in microsensors (MEMS) and miniaturised digital recording technology combined with our proprietary technology platform has resulted in products for medical and healthcare research applications.

  • activPAL™ family - details
  • LAM™ Long-term Ambulatory Monitor - details



The activPAL™ is lightweight (15g) and only 7mm thick.

  • weighs only 15 grams
  • 53 x 35 x 7 mm
  • 7+ day recording period

Using proprietary algorithms, (Intelligent Activity Classification), it classifies an individual's free-living activity into periods spent sitting, standing and walking. This information can be used to estimate daily energy expenditure and changes in the free-living activity profile can be tracked against medication or treatment regimes.

The activPAL™ is worn discretely on the thigh (see illustration).

PALstickies™ are the recommended attachment method for waking day recordings. The `stickies employ a patented dual layer hydrogel to provide optimum skin adhesion on one surface and device adhesion on the other. The dual layer gel allows the skin contact side to conform to the skin surface and provides adhesion without requiring the skin surface to be shaved or abraded. The multi-stick property of the `stickies allows them to be removed and repositioned on the skin on multiple occasions.

For continous wear the activPAL™ can be waterproofed by wrapping with a medical grade adhesive covering (e.g. 3M Tegaderm or S&N Opsite flexifix) and then attached to the thigh using another sheet of dressing. This attachment, subject to daily review, can provide 3-7 days continuous wear, allowing the wearer to shower without removing the activPAL™.

The activPAL™ is capable of recording for in excess of seven days continuously. The stored activity profile is retrieved and processed using a PC. Some results from previous studies are given in the examples section of this website.

An sample screen shot is displayed below:

sample illustration

This example profile is from a 65 year old woman:

  • Between 4 and 5PM she takes a walk and then begins to prepare the evening meal.
  • The meal is served shortly after 6PM and she serves dessert around 6:40PM.
  • After 7PM she clears the meal away and retires to the sitting room.

The waking day recording for both her and her husband can be found on the examples page.

The activPAL™ has been designed for healthcare researchers and other professional users who have a requirement to measure free-living activity.

A specification sheet for the activPAL™, activPAL3™, activPAL3™ VT can be downloaded from here.

For further details of the activPAL™ family of products please contact us at



The Long-term Ambulatory Monitor has been developed for lower-limb prosthetic monitoring applications providing detailed information on prosthetic use over extended periods (12+ months). It is avaliable exclusively from Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd,

LAM™ example (graphical output):

LAM example output